Mission Bay’s Boutique Doggie Daycare

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Daycare Requirements

To attend daycare at Bark Avenue, we require the following. 

  1. Set up appointment for phone interview and submit paperwork. During the phone call we will discuss your dog’s needs and any questions you may have for us.* In-person viewings can be available by appointment. 
  2. Actual trial day, start date, and schedule are based on availability. We only have one new pup at any given two week period or longer to allow each pup time to get comfortable in our daycare program. 
  3. You can commit to bringing in your pup at least twice a week with a set schedule on a monthly basis. 
  4. Your pup should be well-socialized: Not protective of toys/space/food or aggressive.
  5. Commit to using force-free and positive reinforcement training methods.
  6. Potty Training.  Dogs should be full potty trained, or in process of being potty trained, and be off pee pads or transitioning off. 
  7. At least 4 months old, have a basic training foundation and have started potty training. We will continue to build up your dogs confidence and training no matter what age.
  8. Current on vaccines. Please provide copies of all vaccination records prior to the start date:
    • DHLPP (or similar)
    • Bordetella (kennel cough)
    • Rabies
    • *we recommend Canine Flu & Leptospirosis
  9. On a prescription flea & tick control.
  10. Neutered or spayed by around 6 months of age. If you choose to wait longer please contact us once completed.  We understand it is a personal decision but safety is our top priority.