Happy Daycare Dogs


What is the dog to human ratio? We go by a set rule of 10 dogs to every human, however we base our staff on the pack of animals, if we feel we need more supervision, we will adjust accordingly. In addition, our outdoor walks and play groups will be kept at a maximum of 4-5 dogs per human.

What goes on during the doggy screening? During the screening we go over your dog’s needs and any questions you may have for us. At that time we allow you to see our facility and we will get a chance to interact with your dog, and see how he or she does with other dogs in the group.

How do you ensure the dogs don’t escape? There is only 1 entrance and exit that is double gated and all the gates are locked after the pack has entered.

Can we visit the facility anytime? We do require you to make an appointment. Our first responsibility is the safety of the dogs, mentally as well. So we try to find a happy middle ground to not stress out the dogs that day as well as a convenient time for you to come look in. We do try our best to let you see the dogs in action.

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