Happy Daycare Dogs


We are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind specialty doggy daycare in San Francisco and are continually   honored by many positive comments and Yelp reviews. To help maintain a settled group routine and a calm environment, we require a 2 day per week minimum, charged monthly. This ensures your dog’s spot is guaranteed.  You should also see better behaviour at home because a tired dog is a good dog!

Our goal is to provide the very best care for your dog and peace of mind for yourself with a unique approach to daycare that includes:


  • Staffing by certified dog*tec Dog Walking Academy professionals.
  • Ongoing certification and training in canine first aid, CPR, and safety protocols.
  • Integrated basic manners reinforcement (only positive reinforcement methods) and socialization as part of daycare.
  • Two kennel free locations. Dogs separated by size: one location for small dogs and another location for larger dogs. Both locations located with in a half block from each other.
  • Very high staff-to-dog ratio to allow for maximum doggy safety and cuddles-the highest staff per dog ratio in SF!. For example, we will have 3-4 staff for 20 dogs, and we will have 4-5 staff for 30 dogs.  Walk groups are kept at a max of 4-5 dogs per person.
  • Several daily small-group walks, including an hour long playgroup, to keep dogs exercised and decrease the risk of tension and incidents so common in typical daycare situations. To date, we are the only daycare in SF offering at minimum 3 walks day as part of daycare!
  • Designated rest areas and nap times to help ensure a low-stress environment
  • Limiting our maximum capacity to just 20 dogs in our big dog location & 30 dogs in our small dog location.
  • Mission Bay neighborhood pick-up and drop-off services


  • 2 -5 days a week: $80/day
  • (M-F only, not including holidays)

Additional Items:

  • Private 30 minute walk, or 60 minute group walk $35, by appointment only.
  • Complimentary Avalon resident drop off, by appointment only.
  • Complimentary non Avalon resident drop off (limited area): please inquire for details.
  • Grooming: please inquire for details.
  • Limited number of boarding available for $35/night, by appointment only.
  • Got a cat? We can help with that too! Call or email for details.

Grooming: We recommend City Dogs Bernies Grooming.

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