Happy Daycare Dogs


 To help maintain a settled group routine and a calm environment, we require a 2 day per week minimum, charged monthly. This ensures your dog’s spot is guaranteed.  You should also see better behaviour at home because a tired dog is a good dog!


  • 2 -5 days a week: $50/day
  • (M-F only, not including holidays)

Additional Items:

  • Private 30 minute walk, or 60 minute group walk $25, by appointment only.
  • Complimentary Avalon resident drop off, by appointment only.
  • Complimentary non Avalon resident drop off: please inquire for details.
  • Grooming: please inquire for details.
  • Limited number of boarding available for $35/night, by appointment only.
  • Got a cat? We can help with that too! Call or email for details.

Grooming: We recommend City Dogs Bernies Grooming.

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