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About Us

Amanda Rotondo, owner of Bark Avenue Doggy Daycare, is a certified dog walker. She received  certification at dog*tec’s respected Dog Walking Academy and Advanced Dog Walking Academy, the only training course of its kind in the States for professional dog walkers. She is also currently a student of The Academy for Dog Trainers, and is working towards trainer certification.  Additionally, all of her staff are also all graduates of the dog* tec Dog walking academy. Graduates of the course have mastered a curriculum that includes:

  • Pack management
  • Dog body language
  • Advanced recall training
  • Safety & fight protocols
  • Polite leash behavior
  • Trail etiquette
  • Best business practices
  • Canine first aid & CPR

Bark Avenue Methods & Philosophy

In interactions with our dogs, Bark Avenue employees use only positive reinforcement dog training methods, based on canine behavioral science. We use natural dog motivators like toys, treats, praise, and attention to elicit desired behavior. Dogs are never subjected to punishment, threats, yelling, or aversive techniques involving leashes or collars.

Other Services

Need Grooming Services? Contact City Dogs Bernie’s Grooming

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